Development • Sep 15, 2014 •
Whenever you write unit or integration tests for your Django application that involves sending mails, you end up with the LocMem mail back-end as a default...
Misc • Sep 09, 2014 •
A few years back, it must be around 2011, I bought a Logitech M705 mouse. A few days ago this mouse behaved wired. Almost every single left click turned...
This blog post is about a university project Alex and I have been developing over the last months as part of our Master studies using AngularJS and Elasticsearch.
Misc • Jun 05, 2014 •
About a month ago, I attended DjangoCon Europe on the Île des Embiez, a small island between Toulon and Marseille. After an incredible circus edition 2013...
Misc • Mar 30, 2014 •
Last weekend the EuroPython web team met in Berlin in order to bring the EuroPython 2014 website software forward.
Development • Oct 01, 2013 •
Djangodash is a coding contest where teams have 48 hours time to start and sprint a project. We worked on a website to host cookiecutter projects.
Development • Jun 14, 2013 •
A small Python application to fetch departures from the BVG website.
Linux • Feb 18, 2013 •
A long time ago I wrote an article about how to install gitolite. Yesterday an article popped up in my feed reader that shows a short script on how to...