Development • Aug 10, 2018 •
Most TOTP / 2FA clients are for smartphones. There’s not really an easy / simple one for Linux. Here’s one in Bash
Misc • Nov 22, 2017 •
An explanation and insight into Django’s security process and how you can adopt a similar process for your project.
Misc • Oct 27, 2017 •
A lot of data lives in relational databases. And there are relations between records in these databases. Relations that might be normal or abnormal.
Development • Jun 24, 2017 •
Usability is key in modern web applications. But we live in a dangerous world where websites get hacked. Thoughts on pros & cons.
Development • Apr 05, 2017 •
Database indexes are useful. But how do they work? And how does one use them in Django?
Most websites require some kind of authentication. Email & password is common but sometimes not enough. In those cases 2FA adds an additional security layer.
Development • Sep 10, 2016 •
Getting SSL / TLS right is hard. As an update to my DjangoCon US 2016 talk here’s how you use Python’s SSL library.
Development • Jul 19, 2016 •
Over the last few years SSL/TLS encryption of websites has risen tremendously. The Let’s Encrypt organization makes that pretty easy. And you can use it.
Linux • Apr 11, 2016 •
Mostly unknown, but the YAML syntax used by e.g. Ansible allows convenient references to other variables.