Blue Mountains Blue Mountains Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Today I drove up to the Blue Mountains, a region starting about 50 kilometers west of New South Wales’ capitol, Sydney. Their name is derived from the blue-grey-ish tinge, which is believed to be caused by the loads of volatile terpenoids, emitted from the thousands of eucalyptus trees. The Blue Mountains are also home for over 400 types of animals, including the Koala.

While the weather was really great and the view was amazing, I sadly didn’t see any Koala.

Wentworth Falls

The Wentworth Falls is a three-tiered waterfall fed by the Jamison Creek, near the same-named city and have a total height of about 190 meters.

Katoomba Village

Katoomba is a small village in the Blue Mountains. It’s main attraction is the “Three Sisters” rock formation.

While walking down to the Katoomba Falls — not really much to see, they were almost dried out — I saw two parrots, though.