PyCon DE 2012 in Leipzig

At the end of October 2012 another PyCon takes place. This time the venue is the Kubus in Leipzig, Germany. As this is my first participation at a Python conference I’m a bit excited about this event.

First of all, I like the wide range of various topics that are offered. There are presentations about Machine Learning (Oct 30 @ 1:30pm in Hall 2) and Efficient Data Analysis (Oct 30 @ 2pm in Hall 1B). Other talks address the topic of computer graphics (SimpleCV: Fun with Computer Vision, Oct 31 @ 1:30pm in Hall 2; Tiffany - Reading and Writing Multipage Tiff Files w/ and w/o PIL, Nov 1 @ 11am in Hall 1A). And of course, there are multiple presentations covering different parts of the Django web framework: LFS - A Django based webshop (Oct 31 @ 2pm in Hall 1C), Overview over the Django admin area (Oct 31 @ 11am in Hall 1C) Django Class Based Generic Views (Oct 31 @ 1pm in Hall 1C) and many, many more talks.

Second, while looking through all the talks I just picked some I think I’m going to attend:

During the barcamp and the sprints on Nov 2nd and 3rd I will work on Inyoka and fix a bunch of tickets (the list of open issues is way too long).

So, if you are at the PyCon DE 2012 too, leave a comment and we can meet.