Mandelbrot in Python

I just found a nice Python script that draws the Mandelbrot set.

_                                      =   (
                               V       ,B,c
                             :c   and Y(V*V+B,B,  c
               (              2+c-4*abs(V)**-0.4)/i
                 )  ;v,      x=1500,1000;C=range(v*x
                  );import  struct;P=struct.pack;M,\
            j  ='<QIIHHHH',open('M.bmp','wb').write
for X in j('BM'+P(M,v*x*3+26,26,12,v,x,1,24))or C:
            i  ,Y=_;j(P('BBB',*(lambda T:(T*80+T**9
                  *i-950*T  **99,T*70-880*T**18+701*
                 T  **9     ,T*i**(1-T**45*2)))(sum(
               [              Y(0,(A%3/3.+X%v+(X/v+
                             /x   -2.7,i)**2 for  \
                               A       in C
                                       )   )

You can change the output dimension in line 8. Just make sure that the width is dividable by 4.

I ran the script with a resolution of 3000x2000 px on my T400 with an Intel Core2Duo P8600 @ 2.40GHz and 4GB RAM. I used Python 2.7.2-2 on Arch Linux 64bit and it took took me half an our. And as stated in the article as well, PyPy 1.6-2 should be much faster. And I can confirm that. It only runs half the time of the regular Python implementation:

$ time python2
real    29m16.779s
user    29m12.519s
sys     0m0.977s

$ time pypy
real    16m21.750s
user    16m18.200s
sys     0m1.320s

And here the download link. I converted the file M.bmp, which had a size of 18MB to PNG with a size of 1.7MB: